About the CU-SeeMe Developers Listserver

The purpose of the CU-SeeMe-L Developers mailing list is an unrestricted discussion of the CU-SeeMe packet video software under development by the Cornell CU-SeeMe project and its colloborators.

Mail to the list is sent to:


will be redistributed to all list members. The developers and project management all read the list. Please be sure to send to this address ONLY when you want your message redistributed. As this list goes to over 500 people (July 1, 1994), please consider narrower targeting for some queries:

General info requests can be sent to: cu-seeme-info@cornell.edu

Bugs should be reported to: cu-seeme-bugs@cornell.edu

Before you send requests for more info, please ftp to gated.cornell.edu, cd to pub/video, download any FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) files and read, and cd to the appropriate Mac or PC directory, and download the latest file with README in its name. You can also get the software from this server.

Also, as this list can have quite a bit of traffic, consider unsubbing (see below) and subscribing instead to CU-SEEME-ANNOUNCE-L which will have only announcments from the developers and a modest amount of other information. Everything that goes to ANNOUNCE will go to this general list also; don't subscribe to both! To change to the announce list, send the following message body:

unsub cu-seeme-L
subscribe cu-seeme-announce-L <first-name> <last-name>

to: LISTSERV@cornell.edu
(from the SAME address you used to subscribe to cu-seeme-L.)


This is an automated list; you may perform various list operations (such as un-subscribing, reviewing list membership, and changing your distribution options) by typing commands into an e-mail message and sending that message to


Please note the difference between the address for list commands and the address for message redistribution. Again:

To send commands about the list, send to: LISTSERV@cornell.edu

To post messages on the list, send to: CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu.

Users may choose from among certain options regarding how listserv will interact with them. To change these options, you must send a command in electronic mail to LISTSERV@cornell.edu (once again, NOT to CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu), saying:


where 'option' can be one of:
NOACK -- Do not send me my own postings back
ACK -- Send me my own postings back
DIGEST -- Send me a periodic digest of postings
or POSTPONE -- Do not send me *anything* until I change back to
one of the other three.

For example: SET CU-SEEME-L MAIL DIGEST would cause you to start getting digests. Note that the word "MAIL" is required.

The default for all lists is NOACK.

To leave the list at any time, send the command

to listserv@cornell.edu. (DON'T send it to the list itself!)

If you have any questions about Cu-SeeMe-L, contact Joanne Callahan, the list owner, at jc46@cornell.edu@cornell.edu

If you have any questions about this listserv, contact the listserv manager, at listmgr@cornell.edu