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JASON GREEN (green-jason@BYUH.EDU)
Sat, 01 Apr 1995 09:41:44 -1000

>>> Patrick Tallino <ptallino@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu> - 3/31/95 7:20
AM >>>
I'm using a centris 660-AV and cannot get CU-SEEME to run. When I
try w/
MacTCP already connected I get a message "I found a digitezer but
digitize..." If TCP is not connected I get the message "can't
serial port..." Most of the time it freezes my Mac. Sometimes it
causes a
loud audio buzz. Is it not compatible w/ my Mac or Geoport? I
haven't had
any problems w/ othe programs that use TCP i.e. netscape, Eudora,
Newswatcher etc...


I had the same problem with several computers here. This is what I
discovered. You need to have the proper system for the 660AV. It is
possible that you have a generic system. I wiped the drives (probably
only necessary to remove the system folder), installed the proper os,
then it worked. I had the problem you have on four 660AV's and this
method got three of them going. I suspect that the fourth has
hardware trouble.

worked for me,

somebody finally showed me, so now.....