Re: Almost there...

New Kok Hong (
Sat, 1 Apr 1995 10:43:35 +0800

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, Tim Russo wrote:

> I can now get cu-seeme to display video, sorta..
> After installing my capture device I now get ( in my cu-seeme window)
> an upside-down REALLY fuzzy video display. I have tried EVERY
> combination of video type and size and thats the closest thing I get
> to video. Here is the funny thing, in MS VidCap the video is the way
> it should be, clear and rightside up. I have a Video Blaster setup on
> my PC and have all the FS2000 drivers loaded in ( Capture, Overlay,
> Codec) and the MS Video drivers also. Help! Thanks again.

May me it's the irq conflict, do u install any sound card in your pc?
I face this problem before, but after trying out other i/o address and
irq, it's still the same. Finally, I move the card to another pc, and
it's working well there. I think is because of too many cards has been
install in the prevoius computer.

If possible, start up with a normal computer and install the video card
first see whether it's working before installing any others add-on cards.

Hope this help!

New Kok Hong