RE: Video Blaster SE100
Sat, 1 Apr 95 12:53:44 EST

Are u sure this is a new board. There used to be an SE board, at about the
same price, but it was discontued by Creative labs altho there are some
still on shelves, It definitely works fine with Cuseeme. Did thgey say this
is a brand new board??

>I just got the new Creative Labs SE100 board. It's so new that when I
>called tech support, they did not believe I had it. After a couple of
>(I had some problems with the basic installation program) and mainly thanks
>to an experienced CU-SEEME friend, we got the board up and running. It
>works great with CU-SEEME. I paid $225 for the board, and it should be
>widely available soon.
>Incidently, when I called Creative Labs sales, they said this board
>the FS200, and will be shipping in a few weeks.
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