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Joyce Y. Wong (
Sun, 2 Apr 1995 09:56:40 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks Kent,

How do I find the sites for Reflectors?? Do I need the software or do I
just need the IP address for a reflector? I saw in the CUSeeMe Readme
that I can create one by downloading the tar file?

Thanks for your help.

On Sun, 2 Apr 1995, Kent Ritchie wrote:

> Joyce Y. Wong wrote:
> > connection. The other is in Israel at the Weizmann institute where there
> > is also a direct link to the Internet, but I am not sure how. The other
> The answer to that is poorly. The connection to israel seems to go
> down every 30 minutes and when it is up, it's low bandwidth. I have a
> friend in Israel and it is not uncommon that our (unix) talk
> sessions get cut off because the connection dies. I would say keep
> trying. I did connect to the Weizmann reflector once but I don't
> think anyone was their. You may try going to a relfector so that your
> connection to the reflector is good, as well as their connection to
> the reflector is good. What I mean, is if you try to connect
> directly to Israel, the default path is going to be poor. But maybe
> Israel's connection to Austrailia is good, and your connection to
> Austrailia is good... try different relfectors rather than trying to
> connect directly or on a reflector at your site or at Weizmann.
> Hopes this helps
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