video capture card for cu-seeme and windows

Steven Sitt (
Mon, 3 Apr 1995 01:20:09 -0400

list date 4-1-95

This is my list of video cature boards that do or do not
work with cu-seeme for windows. I have not tested them myself
so don't depend to heavily on it check it out first. This list
was compiled using two other lists and many answers to my email
on the cu-seeme mailing list. (included at end of this list)

Items marked with ***** are listed as working and not working.
I'm just not to sure which way they should be listed so I listed
it both ways.

Please help me keep this list up to date be sure to read my
email at the bottom of this list. Please please try to include
the exact model numbers in you email.

thank you
----------cards that don't work

toshiba noteworthy portable digital video (pdv) nv-256 (pcmcia)

nogatech nogavision (pcmcia)

i/o magic focus (pcmcia)
inverted (negative) video

Intel Smart Video Capture board (svrp)

Action-Media 2

Intel Smart Video Recorder, PCVD1000,

VideoLogic Captivator Pro/TV,

Media Vision Boards
create a inverse type of 256 greyscale

XING board

Pro Movie Spectrum

*****Hauppauge Celebrity WIN/TV

Intel Indeo

MediaVision Pro Movie Studio/Spectrum (arvell hairston)
Upside down image

Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro (J. T. Montgomery)

Creative Labs Video Blaster RT300
Rich Kennerly <>

Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro

Digital Vision Computer Eyes Pro
can not get xtransmit.
keep getting gpf from cuseeme in weyesrt.dll @0001:31c4

----------cards that work

Creative Labs SE100 board

miro miroVIDEO D1 capture card

Digital Vision's ComputerEyes 1024

Creative Labs Video Spigot for Windows (but no longer sold)
Rich Kennerly <>

Digital Vision's ComputerEyes/RT (with new driver ~Dec '94)
Rich Kennerly <>

Creative Labs Video Blaster and Blaster SE

Screen Machine Classic (you must install the Screen Machine version of Video
for Windows).

Hauppauge Cinema WIN/TV

Creative Labs FS-200

Creative Labs Video Blaster FS200
Bennett Frankel <>

miro Computer Products miroVideo DC1 TV

Reveal tv300 (Jack Nguyen)

Orchid Technology Orchid Vidiola Pro/D

Hauppauge Computer Works Win/TV Cinema *****TV-Celebrity TV-HighQ

I am compiling a list of video capture boards that work or do
not work with cu-seeme. If you have set up cu-seeme succesfully
with a video capture board, please send me a message that
includes the brand and exact model number of the video capture
board you have used, and any other remarks about using it with
cu-seeme for windows. Also please send me a list of video
capture boards that do not work with cu-seeme so that I can
include them in my list. I would also like to include pcmcia
video capture cards.

Thank You