Re: Mac CUSM over a LOCALTALK network - working!

Geoff Rehn (
Mon, 3 Apr 1995 13:38:24 +0800

Well, for those interested....
I have just got the setup described below to work.

Previously I was slack and simply had a serial printer cable connecting the
two printer ports. I just tried it with proper PhoneNet connections and it

So it is possible to run CUSM over a simple isolated Apple LocalTalk TCP/IP
network. Inter-office communication possibilities?

Thanks to those who expressed interest...

Geoff R.

At 11:19 AM 4/3/95, Geoff Rehn wrote:
>Re: Mac CUSM over a LOCALTALK network
>Hello everyone.
>I have been experimenting with trying to get Macintosh CUSM working over a
>LAN, using the built-in LocalTalk networking.
>The machines (just two at this stage) are NOT connected to the Internet.
>However, I can get them using TCP/IP via choosing LocalTalk in the MacTCP
>control panel and having the same HOSTS file in each machine, with dummy IP
>Using MacTCP Watcher, all the tests (ping, UDP, TCP) check out OK. I can
>use Fetch on one machine to connect to the other running FTPD, so that the
>network is in fact using TCP/IP protocols.
>However, I cannot get CUSM to work over this little network. After I launch
>CUSM, it reports that the other host is not responding when I try and
>connect. If I then check the connections with MacTCP Watcher, the
>connection has been dropped and I need to reboot both machines.
>I can report that I have managed to get the two Macs to use CUSM over a 1-1
>ethernet connection (using 10BaseT, and a rewiring of the patch cable!).
>I'm using a QuickCam as the video source on just one machine.
>Any comments or advice?
>I had assumed that CUSM would work over such a simple network, using TCP
>over LocalTalk. I am preparing for a paper I am giving soon called "Playing
>with TCP/IP: having fun on the InterNet!" and I wanted to be able to show
>that schools could "play with" CUSM over a simple local area network such
>as the above.
>Geoff R.

Geoff Rehn
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