Duo, Etherdock, and sound

John McRae (jrm5@crux2.cit.cornell.edu)
Mon, 03 Apr 95 07:52:36 -0400

Dear CU-SeeMe'ers:

I have a Duo 280c and an EtherDock, plus a Mac microphone. The mike works
OK through the dock (that is, I can record a new sound from it), but
somehow it doesn't work on CU-SeeMe. Any suggestions?

Note that Dick Cogger, the project leader for CU-SeeMe here at Cornell,
apparently got the Duo/QuickCam to work, but he's using the larger Apple
dock rather than the Etherdock. He's been out of town recently, but I'll
ask him about this problem too!

-- John M.

John McRae, Asian Studies
Cornell University
jrm5@cornell.edu, 607/255-1328
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