Re: Duo, Etherdock, and sound

Richard Cogger (
Mon, 3 Apr 1995 08:23:18 -0400

I've run CUsm with Quickcam on a Duo, both in the dock with
external mic and alone with built-in mic. But remember that the Duo is
half-duplex: you must use Push-to-talk mode. In the dock, I used ethernet
to the campus net and the Internet. Standalone, I used the internal 14.4
modem (no sound of course) or a mini-etherdoc. The only problem I had was
that the serial ports in the dock were reversed compared to the picture in
the manual, at least according to the Quickcam install.
Note that none of this used the QuickCam's mic. So far, it doesn't
work with CU-SeeMe. We know what the problem is (the 5 Khz sampling) and
hope to release a fix soon (a few weeks).

Cheers, -Dick

At 7:52 AM 4/3/95, John McRae wrote:
>Dear CU-SeeMe'ers:
>I have a Duo 280c and an EtherDock, plus a Mac microphone. The mike works
>OK through the dock (that is, I can record a new sound from it), but
>somehow it doesn't work on CU-SeeMe. Any suggestions?
>Note that Dick Cogger, the project leader for CU-SeeMe here at Cornell,
>apparently got the Duo/QuickCam to work, but he's using the larger Apple
>dock rather than the Etherdock. He's been out of town recently, but I'll
>ask him about this problem too!
>-- John M.
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>Cornell University
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