RE: video capture boards that work ...

Mon, 03 Apr 1995 16:48:45 -0600

OK, Now I really need help.

The Intel Smart Video Recorder Pro, board I was about to buy for a) CU-SeeMe, b)
Multimedia presentations, and c) Multimedia HELP files, doesn't work for CU-SeeMe; per
recent posts. I really thought it was right for the multimedia stuff (upon which some of you
agreed) and was hoping for CU-SeeMe as well.

Now, do I switch from the Intel board, or add a CU-SeeMe compatible board (if that's
possible)? The entire PC exists only on the order form, so anything except a Mac is possible
at this point. If add or switch, to what?

Also, I'm still looking for camera recommendations (have the $89, BGMicro, CCD camera
recommendation; although sources would be appreciated). Someone mentioned a Toshiba,
but no number.

Marc L. Masnor
(blindly venturing into a seeing world)