overlay video card

chris barth (cbarth@s2.iway.fr)
Tue, 4 Apr 1995 03:41:23 +0200

Dear CU-seeme users,

Thanx for all the response I have received.

I am trying an Orchid Vidiola card which is said to do good overlay. I am
using a PC with 16 Megs of RAM (P90). Unfortunately the card seems to have
compatibility problems with a whole bunch of video cards because it uses the
feature connector. My present video card is the Diamond Stealth 64 Vram and
my screen symply becomes pink (or blue, or yellow, depends...) when I Launch
the init program which comes with the card (Of course you need to launch it
in order to get your overlay to work...) and when I use the Stealth drivers

Whe I use the standard Windows VGA drivers, the screen becomes pik BUT I can
barely see the windows program manager. When I lauch the overlay, it works fine.

It appears that the vidiola can't support more than a 60hz video signal,
which is too bad...

Anybody around here has the same configuration, or simply one that works?



I'm looking for a video card which can do Overlay. The card should be able
to show full sreen video from an external video source, without using the
hard drive.

Anybody out there that has such a card?
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