Spigot Compatability w/ CU-SeeMe

Robert Becker (rbecker@starship.den.mmc.com)
Tue, 4 Apr 95 08:45:51 MDT

I have a Spigot II Tape video board in a Mac Quadra 650 with 20MB
of RAM running system 7.5, Quicktime 2.0, VDIG 1.0, MacTCP 2.04,
and CU-SeeMe 0.80b2. The problem I have is that CU-SeeMe does
not seem to recognize that there is a video board in my Mac. So
it will not bring up a video screen when I load it up.

Is CU-SeeMe not compatible with this video board or is it another
problem? If this is not a compatible video board somebody please
let me know which type of Spigot board is compatible with CU-SeeMe
and where I can get one. Thanks.

Rob Becker
Phone:  (303) 755-2778 ext. 22
Fax:  (303) 755-2408