Re: rumor or truth - Quick Cam digitizes raw video?

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 4 Apr 1995 23:13:49 -0700

At 22:38 4/4/95, Tom Edwards wrote:
>Q1: Tonight while lurking, someone told me that the QuickCam does have a
>video input for digitizing. Is this true? I thought it only worked as a
>camera. Perhaps they meant that you didn't need an extra digitizer.

It has no internal digitizer, it outputs digital directly from the CCD. It
has no inputs at all.

>Q2: I'm looking at getting a Power Mac 6100/66 AV if the answer to
>question 1 is no. Does CU-SeeMe still have a contrast problem working
>with Power Macs?

The problem has been attacked via software. Connectix has been aware of
some people's problems and has worked with specific people on getting them

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