Wed, 5 Apr 95 18:11:25 EDT

We have used Cu-seeme both on our reflector and one to one connections. These one
to one connections are either over ethernet using Trumpet or PPP connections using
Netmanage Chameleon. Works fine, u can actuall even make multiple
connections without reflectors.

>>From: Peter Arashiro
>>Is there anyone who is using CU-SeeMe for Windows with a one-to-one
>>set-up, and a modem connection?
>>What type of hardware set-up do you have, and how is the quality
>>of the transmission?
>I was thinking about the same thing... Would CU-SEEme care if it were a
>real internet session or just that the IP's were valid? I think that if you
>were running NT serverto workstation session via RAS (TCP/IP) that CU might
>just work over a "private" network..... is this true? If so then I can see
>some very cool applications. Has this been done?
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