Cheapo Video Cam available!

Richard Colman (
Wed, 5 Apr 95 18:55:42 -0700

I bought several of these cameras to use internally, and ended up not using
most of them. I will sell them for what they cost me: $149 + shipping. Here
is the camera descritpion:

- Connectix "QuickCam" digital video camera for MACINTOSH. (NEW-full warranty)
- video at 320x240 plus audio
- QuickTime movie recorder and editor
- still picture capability
- compatible with cu-seemee, after dark screen savers, desktop photo
gallery, etc.
- camera is in a "ball" which rests on a rectangular swivel base - makes it
easy to position.

These cameras can PROBABLY be used on a Windows PC as well, but you will
have to jury-rig a connecting

If this message sounds blatently commercial, however I am not a bigtime
company, just one person
and these cameras are really pretty cool for the money.

Anyways, if you want one of these, e-mail me as soon as practical. I only
have four or five