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Albert Foo (
Fri, 04 Jan 1980 20:13:05 -0600

"Dr.Haniph A.Latchman" <> wrote:
>We have no experience with the Pro Movie Studio - From the lastes list I
>saw (see below) that one appears to be untested. However we can confirm
>that Video Basics from ATI DOES NOT work with CUSeeME. All seems to go
>well except that the video appears as a negative ghost-like picture -
>entirely unusable.
>Here is the list posted from an earlier posting:

Unfortunately, the ProMovie Spectrum and ProMovie Studio suffers the same
fate as ATI (I guess I should put that on the non-working list). The
drivers that came with ProMovie Spectrum and Studio also produces
"negative/inverse" image.

Email campaign is going on right now, to urge MediaVision to fix their
drivers. If the promovie spectrum does work (flawlessly), I guess a lot of
people will be buying their cards.

Email to Jim Patton <> and tell him you would like to
see MediaVision continue their support for this card, and hoping they can
fix their drivers (or build new ones) to support CUSeeMe.

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