Re: TIA/SLIrP/RemSock and CUSM

Geoff Rehn (
Fri, 7 Apr 1995 04:20:28 +0800

At 12:09 PM 4/6/95, Scott Deardorff wrote:
>I do not think it will work as CU-SeeMe needs to have a unique IP address
>to run, and w/ TIA you get the same ip address as your host you are
>connecting to.

I wonder where the TIA people are at on this one?

Total digression....

Did anyone follow up on that SLIrP posting of a few weeks ago?
Recall the poster seemed to have high hopes that the TIA-like SLIrP would
enable CUSM usage.

And one I posted ages ago.... has anyone had any experience with RemSock
under Windows? That's another SLIP emulator that I could never get to work
at all, let alone with CUSM.

regards all
Geoff R.

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