No response

Joe Taibi (
Thu, 06 Apr 95 19:20:33 EDT

Per previous message about NO response from (fill in Reflector ). I'm
running a Dynamic PPP connection via dial up (modem) at 28,800. I
edited my HOSTS file manually after connecting in order to get my IP
de jour in there. Since I have a dynamic IP I have no "assigned"
machine name so I've just stuck my username in there. IP is correct
but still no response... Is the Conference ID mandatory in all cases?
Is this the reason for the response error now? Are there any
reflectors that have a known default ID I could use to test this or is
this error going to prevent it from working no matter what?

Is this enough stupid questions for one message? <grin>

I really want to see this work! Please somebody tell me it can?
Dynamic PPP that is?


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