Re: Connectix Quickcam

Larry Chace (
Thu, 6 Apr 1995 21:48:41 -0400

Doron Kaminski ( posted about problems with the
QuickCam, a Mac 520C, and CU-SeeMe. A possible reply might be the

Hi, Doron. I've seen a 520C with a QuickCam running CU-SeeMe. Do you have
all the QuickCam extentions installed? Does it run the QuickCam programs?
Are you running a "recent" version of CU-SeeMe? (It was at the 0.70b13
level or so that we first had QuickCam support; the current 0.80b2 should
be just fine.)

I *assume* you are referring to problems with QuickCam video. QuickCam's
audio is still not supported by CU-SeeMe.

Larry Chace (

I posted this to the entire list just to remind everyone that it would be
very helpful if your error reports included as much detail as possible,
within reason, of course. At least, please mention things like:

Mac or PC (yes, there *are* two differnt programs named "CU-SeeMe").
Operating system level or version or something.
CU-SeeMe version number.
What it is that doesn't work (video, audio, beer dispenser, etc.).
What tests you might have already run.
Error messages that CU-SeeMe might have been willing to issue.
A solemn promise that you *have* read the READ-ME files (ha!).

That will make it easier for us (all of the 1386 folks on this list) to
help you. If you think you have found a Real Bug (of which we have planted
6 in the current version of the code), please feel free to send a note to:

Please note, however, that this is for BUGS, not general questions, which
will probably be ignored. (Otherwise, we'll have to start another list:
cu-seeme-real-bugs !)

As always, thank you for your interest and support.

Larry Chace ( (speaking for himself)