CU-SeeMe/QuickCam/PowerMac 7100AV Trouble Report

Joseph M. Izen (
Thu, 6 Apr 1995 21:44:14 -0500

Hi Folks,
Thanks to everyone with suggestions about my CU-SeeMe induced crashes. Here's what I've learned.

1) I do not appear to have an extension conflict unless there is a problem with the Quickcam extensions themselves. When I run CU-SeeMe (0.08b2) with the bare System 7.5.1 extensions + the 2 QuickCam extensions, I crash and zap my PRAM in the process every few hours. This occurs with both the ppc and 68K versions of CU-SeeMe. The 68K version *may* be a little more stable, but it still does crash occasionally , with a PRAM zap too.

2) Since I have an AV Mac, I can use a camcorder as my picture source and let my Mac digitize. When I do this, I have yet to zap my PRAM. I have run for several days, both with a minimal extension set and with my system "loade" with all my favorite extensions. Both the ppc and 68K versions are stable.

I have an ethernet internet connection.

This is as far as I can proceed on my own. I would be real interested to hear if the development team can reproduce my situation. I've had email from a few of you who have had problems which might be the same as mine. My colleague has a Quadra, and he's never experienced a PRAM zap. The problem seems specific to PowerMacs, or at least 7100AV's. Note that I haven't proven that the problem is a CU-SeeMe problem. It could still be a QuickCam problem, but my attempt to explore that possibility with with Connectix tech support was cordial but not very productive. Maybe they know something I don't?

-Joe Izen