Re: Pathetic audio at 28.8 on Mac

Stan Borinski (
Fri, 7 Apr 1995 15:29:07 -0400 (EDT)

Tim and others have done a great job, from a technical perspective, of
describing the use of audio over 28.8. Thanks for the enlightening info.
However, I would like to mention, from a non-technical point of view, that
my sister was able to understand me quite well on her Centris 650, running
SLIP over a *14.4* modem from Virginia Tech. She didn't have her mic hooked
up (we just wanted to have a quick chat, no time to reboot), so I don't have
any experience with *receiving* audio from a 14.4 client, but *sending* to
a 14.4 client works surprisingly well (we have a T1 here). So, by pausing
my video feed, she was able to receive audio from me and respond to me by
via the Talk window. She could unpause the video feed at anytime to update
my picture, assuming she didn't need to hear me. BTW, this was through our
reflector, performance may have been even better had it been a direct link
from my PowerMac. I'm not suggesting that it is a wise decision to use a
14.4 connection for everyday video/audio-conferencing, I just want to point
out that it is *possible* for use in *receiving* mode in a pinch.

Needless to say, my sister was ecstatic that this was even possible. So
for the one millionth time, I'll heap praise on the CU-SeeMe team and on
Charley Kline (for implementing the delta-mod encoding), for providing such
an excellent piece of software.

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