IIci help fixed

Ryan Bushman (ryanrb@indirect.com)
Fri, 7 Apr 1995 15:48:38 -0700

My first message:

>I'm using a Mac IIci, system 7.5, a DiMMO 50mhz card, 8MB RAM, and a
>SuperMac Video Spigot and a PAL handycam. I know i should use NTSC,
>but even without the camera, i get problems. I have the VideoSpigot
>Extension 1.0 and your VDIG 1.5b18 Extention 1.5b18. I'm using a PPP
>26bps connection to use CU-SeeMe.68k0.80b2. When i open the program,
>it freezes with no responce to anything after about a min. and a
> I can connect before the 1.5 min. is up, but i still freeze. Do you
>know of things like this before? If so how do i fix? I got it to work
>using a friends QuickCam with no problems. Is it my Spigot card? I
>connect fine with out the VDIG 1.5b18 Extention and just receive

Just after writing this letter i tried one more thing, i got the VDIG
1.0 extention and tried it. Well, now you may see me hanging out at
the test site because to my surprise it worked!! I'd like to thank
those who took the time to write me and help me out. Apparently, that
was the incompatability, at first i used it with all but the needed
extentions off. Now i use 'em all and no problems so far. I'm thinking
of buying a new 604 powermac when they come out, i would like top of
the line and wonder if anyone knows what they may be comming out with.
I've heard 100 and 120mghz ones so far. I also would like hints on the
best video/sound input/output boards available (non apple) and cost.

reply by e-mail please, thanx
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