CU-Seeme for X -- YES / NO

Tuomas Eerola (
Sat, 8 Apr 1995 13:14:48 +0300 (EET DST)

NV has also CU-Seeme encoding and decoding, but it only works on
big-endian machines. Most of unix-machines are big-endian, but
Intel and Digital machines are little-endian. This means that
with Linux NV works only partially. Receiving scrambles picture
horizontally, so text is unreadable, and picture is a bit disorted.

NV can grab directly from X-window-screen, I have sometimes sent
clock & some info-text-screen. Unfortunately sending cuseeme-
encoding does not work at all with little-endian machines, it
sends just plain grey.

If you just want to lurk you must first send something to wake
reflector, you can then stop sending and keep on watching.

There is also a version of NV for Linux with support for
ScreenMachine II video card, but I think that cu-seeme-encoding
still sends plain gray. Look for more info at

This seems to be really bad luck for PC-users, with MS-Windows
CU-SeeMe does not work as well as Mac-version, with PC Unixes
cuseeme-encoding does not work.

Sources are available for NV and they compile nicely on Linux,
so someone should be able to fix it.