Re: Pathetic audio at 28.8 on Mac

EyeOn (eyeon@Tach.Net)
Sat, 8 Apr 1995 12:51:50 -0400

Maybe this will make a good argument for people with hi-bandwidth
links to send at transmission rates and audio rates that can be received by
the "lower caste" members of the cuseeme community: the 14.4 and 28.8
modem folks...such as yours truly... :-)

>Tim and others have done a great job, from a technical perspective, of
>describing the use of audio over 28.8. Thanks for the enlightening info.
>However, I would like to mention, from a non-technical point of view, that
>my sister was able to understand me quite well on her Centris 650, running
>SLIP over a *14.4* modem from Virginia Tech. She didn't have her mic hooked
>up (we just wanted to have a quick chat, no time to reboot), so I don't have
>any experience with *receiving* audio from a 14.4 client, but *sending* to
>a 14.4 client works surprisingly well (we have a T1 here). So, by pausing
>my video feed, she was able to receive audio from me and respond to me by
>via the Talk window. She could unpause the video feed at anytime to update
>my picture, assuming she didn't need to hear me. BTW, this was through our
>reflector, performance may have been even better had it been a direct link
>from my PowerMac. I'm not suggesting that it is a wise decision to use a
>14.4 connection for everyday video/audio-conferencing, I just want to point
>out that it is *possible* for use in *receiving* mode in a pinch.
>Needless to say, my sister was ecstatic that this was even possible. So
>for the one millionth time, I'll heap praise on the CU-SeeMe team and on
>Charley Kline (for implementing the delta-mod encoding), for providing such
>an excellent piece of software.
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