Problem transmit in Windows

Ingemar Myhrberg (
Sat, 8 Apr 95 22:19:49 SNT

I have been receiving video with CU-SeeMe w/o any problem on
a PC/Windows.
Now I have installed a video camera and Creative Labs SE-100
video card both of which seem to be working fine.
However my CU-SeeMe program does not seem to be aware of this
fact, the transmit video config options are not available and
I do not get a transmit window upon starting the program.

When pinging my Inet provider it seems like the host name "popvet"
is there together with the dynamic IP nr. So that should not be
the problem.

Do I possibly need an extra program or driver or is something wrong
with the SE-100 config? Have tried I/O 718 as well as 0.

Anyone got an idea?

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