Re: "R" or "X" rated?

Price P C (
Sat, 8 Apr 1995 22:44:10 -0400 (EDT)


While I make no judgement on the "rightness" of the request you have made,
one of the things that concerns many people (myself included) about using
the Internet for such activity is the free access that children have to
the technology (especially since CU-SeeMe is free software). I have no
children, but many parents I know would prefer their children to be a
little older before being exposed to "life" and I, personally, would hate
to see people hesitating to purchase their children computers and exposing
them to the great benefits of computing just because they (the parents)
could not regulate what the children viewed. More and more people every
day are gaining Internet access for their whole families from home, so
this really is an issue. I realize there are many explicit sex-oriented
"discussions", etc, but very young children do not understand words as
well as pictures. All it takes is one enterprising young soul (probably
picking up the information from someone older) and the word would get out.
You would probably not block off "lurkers" from the reflector and all it
would take is one "watchdog" group to find out about children gaining
access to bring down all manner of wrath on the Internet.

I would hate to start seeing more and more regulations being imposed on
what has been, up to this point a fairly free venue for information exchange.

My $ .02.


On Sat, 8 Apr 1995, M.L. Carson wrote:

> Ok all.... I have a feeling I might get some flames from this but.......
> Surely I'm not the first lady to think of any "dirty" possibilities with
> this software. Are there any reflector sights out there for "Adults Only" ?
> Just wondering,
> Stephanie....
> who thinks she might regret this letter later.... :-) (who knows!!)