MediaVision Pro Movie Spectrum
Sat, 8 Apr 1995 21:42:30 -0700

The Problem: My local video display window looks like a grey negative
film image. People have sent me e-mail to verify that the image was also
being broadcast as such.

The System: Intel DX4-100mhz Local Bus (SIS Chipset, AMI BIOS)
Diamond Stealth 64VRAM 2mb Vesa
Western Digital Caviar 420mb HDD (stacked w/stacker 4.0)
Media Vision Pro Movie Spectrum
18mb RAM
Windows 3.11 Dos 6.20

I have seen a few references of difficulties in using a Pro Movie
Spectrum(PMS). I haven't read anything definitive yet though, and would
like clarification.

Does anyone know if the current version(w034b?) of CU-SEE-ME for the PC
compatible with the PMS? I am currently using the 1.10 PMS driver for
windows (obtained from Mediavision's bbs). Microsoft Video For Windows 1.0
VIDCAP work fine with the PMS and allows me to create AVI files.

Anxiously waiting to show my mug,

Bob Fuller