"R" or "X" rated?

SMCarson (mlcarson@Tach.Net)
Sun, 09 Apr 1995 02:12:05 -0400

First of all, Thank you all so much for so many responses in such a short
time. My email has gone crazy and I am really happy and thankful to say
that I didn't get one bit of mail telling what a slut etc... I was for
writing my previous letter.

Most of you seemed as curious as I about the whole idea; Others made a valid
point that I thought I'd share with all and add my own opinion.

When considering adding an "adult" use to this software, I didn't completly
think it all out in regards to children lurking in...... Obviously that
would not be good for anybody, especially those of us who are always
concerned about the government censoring
what we can see and what we can't. Therefor, those who inquired about
"sharing themselves" I will respond to by personal email for future
conversation. I have though, without doubt, canned the idea of looking or
wanting to find a reflector site for such stuff.

Again, thanks to all that responded and I'll continue to answer all of you.

Stephanie Carson