Hardware Question

Rogene Talento (labrat@teleport.com)
Sun, 9 Apr 1995 02:02:35 -0700

Hi everyone! I'm new to the list, so please forgive me if this discussion
has been brought up before.

I'm trying to get CU-Seeme going, and am shopping around for some hardware
right now. I have almost secured a camera, and just need to buy a video
capture board for my 486-66.

Is anybody out there using the WaveWather TV-II by AITech? I am intrigued
by this card, since I'm an admitted channel surfer. I have also been
considering the ATI Video-It! as well as the VideoBlaster RT300. All three
are in the same price range, but as far as features and software I haven't
found much info.

I don't plan on trying to setup a home video editing studio, so I'm not
looking for the cutting edge technology. I just want a board that will work
with CU-Seeme, and if I can watch TV also, it's a bonus. Any help
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