Re: "R" or "X" rated?

Ko Stoel (
Sun, 9 Apr 1995 10:46:43 +0200

To all,


This is an old goat speaking, let's say with some 'wisdom'

Stephanie is most probably (this is statisics) a male. If 'she' is a real
women a regard her as 'gutsy' and love her for it. Anyone contacted her
with CUSM?
How many of you males tried to have a go ? 10 , 20 , 30 ?

Watch the M.L. and SM initiales

If you want I could play a women on CUSM for you :)

Conserning Children;

CUSM had one great advantage over other Cyber-com that is that you can
check who is on the other side in case you use CUSM in point-to-point
mode. But even then some warning ; there were cases were the 'creeps' lured
children into the 'uncle' thing, I saw one in jail (on tv) that said he
would use Internet again to get what he wanted.

So we would need a Reflector;
without lurkers
with anonymous IP 's (that's not so easy)
maybe with a conference id that does 1to1 in a carousel way (this works
much more effective then the "show them all" mode) and with a few IP's or
conference id's; one M iso F ; one F iso M; .... etc and any other

Conserning women;

We all know , and for the naive let me burst your bubble, only FEW would
realy like X things. The X reflector would be utterly empty. There is such
a difference in demands that 'business' as ever get's in . To state clearly
I regard (sexualy) liberated women as great but nature (on average) is a
bit hmmm... different.

What they would like is a 1 to 1 (121) system for dating and relationships
and if males lure them into X things that's up to them.

If a woman wants to earn some money she could even think of using E-cash or
something, it would be the equivalent of prostitution (I have no problems
with that) So I am N O T saying; I condemn sexual free women thus regard
them as whores (the nagative meaning of it).

There's is allready a commercial service that uses it's own software ; it
is on one of the W3 pages

It's all the testosterone which .... gave us .... CUSM


-Ko- realy