No Response

Joe Taibi (
Sat, 08 Apr 95 19:33:47 EDT

Well, I finally did enough testing to discover that CUCM is not
getting responses because it is completely ignoring my hosts file.
It's in the path when the program executes but it does not read it. I
know this because I have renamed it and had the same results. I even
tried putting it in several different places along the path ( one at a
time naturally so as not to have multiple copies ) and still no
response. Since I have no "Machine name" ( Dynamic dial up connections
don't ) I even tried repeating the assigned IP in the place of the
machine name in hosts. This was, of course before the experiment that
proved cucm isn't seeing the hosts file anyway...


Again this is using a dynamic PPP dialup connection under OS/2 Warp in
a WIN-OS/2 session.

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