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Robert D. Peckham (bobp@unix1.UTM.Edu)
Sun, 9 Apr 1995 11:09:43 -0500

I will eventually succeed in unsubscribing from this list as soon as I can
convince the server that I am not bobp@unix1.utm.edu (a bogus tag
serindipidously produced by our unix server).

Before I go, and if I am successful in posting this, I want to comment on
Stephanies question. I have faught against undue sensorship and have been
harmed by sensorship throughout my career. The R and X question for
CU-SeeMe is quite complex. It has a lot to do with the potential for abuse
on all sides.

CU-SeeMe has not anywhere near hit its mark. The problem for many is
something that I did not understand a few months ago. Most of the people
who cound benefit the most from CU-SeeMe cannot use it for a single
technical reason: connectivity. If you were to ask those fully involved in
GLobal Schoolhouse, they would tell you what it would be like if the
thousands of schools with minimal serial connections or inadequate slip and
ppp connections were realy in the loop. In the current climate of
political mistrust, etc., the use of CU-SeeMe on a server (even a
controlled access one) would just hasten the day of withdrawal of various
financial supports for the internet. While cansorship may not be directly
imposed on those expressing their freedom, the most cruel kind of
censorship would be imposed on the rest of us. Those who continue to fund
the dwindeling funded parts of the internet would say "We'll I am sure
those folks could make it as a commercial venture". This is not unlike
what the Newt said about big bird. The problem is that while a number of
people would be willing to pay 900-style for nudity (even the most artistic
kind), not many will want to pay to hear an old worman tell a Sephardic
folk tale or a lesson in dialectal phonemics of of Asian-American Korean.

It is not my questioning of wether or not people should have the freedom to
express themselves in this or any other way that is important, it is the
certainty that an X-rated CU-SeeMe will have negative or marginalising
effects on the CU-SeeMe revolution.

Bob Peckham

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