Re: "R" or "X" rated?

Christian Sykes (
Sun, 9 Apr 1995 13:00:07 -0400

Well, these things have already happened over reflector sites...I remember
in particular one evening when some unknown human broadcast a porn video
over Cornell or another night when a couple were groping furiously over
Nysernet so i suppose this isnt a new thing at all. The obvious solution
would be to integrate an optional password system into the reflector and
clients so that one would have a greater ability to lock the kiddies out
from any frightening displays of human sexuality.

And in regards to the distrust of an earlier poster: While Stephanie could
be a male in disguise (lord knows i've run into many of those on the net),
it certainly doesnt surprise me that a woman would ask about this. My former
spouse would have thought of more purient uses for my quickcam much much
sooner than i ever could.