"Planted Bugs" and other exotica

Larry Chace (rlc1@cornell.edu)
Sun, 9 Apr 1995 13:09:47 -0400

Don Johnson (johnson@magicnet.net) asked why I said we had "planted 6
[bugs] in the current version of the code". I must apologize -- it was a
[poor] attempt at humor and should have at least been indicated by a
"squinting icon" ;-) or some other signal. Sorry for any confusion.

Still, everyone using the current versions of CU-SeeMe (Mac or PC) is, by
definition, a beta tester, and beta testers find bugs (or are supposed
to!). In an attempt to make available some important feature, we may
forget to stomp out all of the bugs, or one or two might hide until after
the code is released. We also do not have access to the myriad of
processors, digitizers, and other devices that some of you might have or
want to use, and that is a problem. By its very nature, CU-SeeMe sometimes
has to access those devices at a low level, where their various "features"
and quirks are all too troublesome.

(Sorry for this blatheration.) Larry Chace (RLC1@cornell.edu)