Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Sun, 09 Apr 1995 20:40:06

On Thursday I sent a request for help to all the
knowledgable readers of this list. On the basis of
the reactions that group is disappearingly small, so
I will give you the benefit of my own investigations:
Substituting the Trumpet winsock for PC-NFS and wins-
ock leaves the odd initial error message, but allows
me to receive from the reflector quite acceptably.
Passing an NTSC signal from a laserdisk player to the
PC Spigot card also solves the problem with video
capture. Surprisingly the capture remains good for a
frame or two once the PAL is reconnected, but then
becomes garbage until after a frame or two of NTSC
has been passed through.

I would therefore be grateful to know:
Are there any plans to add PAL facilities to CU-SEE-
Some of the e-mail on this list mentions that PAL
cameras are being used successfully. What is the
cheapest card which will provide CU-SEEME from a PAL
What is the cheapest available NTSC camera?

Regarding A. Although "Never Twice Same Colour" may
seem the only system worth bothering with when you
are based at cornell; good old "Picture Always Lousy"
is THE system for Western Europe (except the French
of course), and Central and Eastern Europe is rapidly
changing over.
If we look beyond the time when it is enough to see
your face in the reflector, a major use could be,
say, passing nightly news broadcasts to language
students. Buying an NTSC camera wont solve that.

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