Re: X-rated CU-SeeMe usage

Michael Sattler (
Sun, 9 Apr 1995 13:52:42 -0700

At 09:09 4/9/95, Robert D. Peckham wrote:

>It is not my questioning of wether or not people should have the freedom to
>express themselves in this or any other way that is important, it is the
>certainty that an X-rated CU-SeeMe will have negative or marginalising
>effects on the CU-SeeMe revolution.

Given that people have been using CU-SeeMe for point-to-point sexually
explicit uses for many months now (you have to know where to look for the
adverts) and we've not seen such a negative or marginalising effect, I
guess we can discount this point of view.

I've heard of explicit "adult content" private reflectors, but I can't
verify that. As long as these folks use a conference ID to allow only
video-capable adults to connect I have no problem with this usage of

Certainly, if someone provides sexually explicit (or violent) content to
the public at large, especially the school-age population, that will be a

I'd be more concerned with the violence in cartoons, TV, and movies that
our kids see.

(And, to answer the few private questions I've gotten, I've never waved my
weenie in front of my QuickCam.)


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