HELP error transmit packet

Ingemar Myhrberg (
Mon, 10 Apr 95 23:30:37 SNT

Continuing to struggle along the Via Dolorosa to a working CU-SeeMe.
When connecting to a reflector, the following error message keeps popping up:

Write O C Packet():´sendto´ error - (10005)

which is ghibberish to me. Also I do not find my signature among the
(v) <nicknames> who are transmitting.

Q: Which are the best settings for max/min bps with a 28.800 modem?

PS: Thanks for help with the SE-100 card. The trick to make it work
with CUSM was to manually load the Capture and Codec drivers
using the Control Panel (SE100CAP.DRV & SE100COD.DRV)

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