There are laws already!

William Flis (
Tue, 11 Apr 95 09:01:54 -0400

One of the best points I've heard (forget where) concerning censorship on
the Internet is that we ALREADY have laws that cover these issues. To wit:
--indecent exposure
--public sex
--peeping toms
--corrupting the morals of a minor
What prospective CU-SeeMe weenie-waggers (I LOVE this term) have to
understand is that the Internet is essentially
a powerful piece of equipment that can multiply the effect of any "crime",
and thus be expected to result in multiplied consequences/penal remedies.

That's how the Scientologists sandbagged that poor bastard in Calif. With
existing copyright laws. And about a jillion counts' worth, since he sent that
stuff all over the Net. That adds up to deep doo-doo.

So watch it, bubele.

Bill Flis
Frankford Institute of Science and the Humanities