Error opening CU-SeeMe

David Condie (
Tue, 11 Apr 1995 15:26:00 -0700

Hi all. I just got on this list yesterday and have not had a chance to
lurk. Although I am not ready to get my CU-SeeMe going, I just now
accidently double clicked my CU-SeeMe application and got an error message.
I am on a Mac Quadra 660av. The error read as follows: The application
"CU-SeeMe.ppc.0.80b2" could not be opened, because an error of type -192

Does anyone know what this means and how to solve it? Like I said, I'm not
quite ready to go yet, but when I saw this I became concerned.

Any help would be great. You may reply to this list or me directly.


David Condie