No Response

Joe Taibi (
Tue, 11 Apr 95 21:59:56 EDT

Well an update on the no response problems. I got a static IP assigned
and now I can connect to any reflector that is up or that has an
unobstructed path to it <no downed links up stream>. On the few I do
get a No Response error from I find that a traceroute shows a problem
getting there.

Now that the connection can be established, I seem to get numerous
WriteOCPacket()'sendto' error 10055 occurances. It appears to lessen
if I set my maxkbits lower than the 28.8 connection I have. Are there
any suggested settings for a 28.8 dial up connection or is this a
fluid adjustment?

Finally ( for the moment ) are there any reflectors that have a
default open conference? Even one that I saw here with a visit our
reflector invitation appears to have nothing available once you get
past the initial welcome info.

Put another way, are all reflectors used via the email request for
usage prior to connection basis or are some simply open?

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