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markh at analogy_beaverton (
Wed, 12 Apr 1995 01:10:18 -0700

You need to set your Domain Name Server address and it should work
just fine. I am using Chameleon on my system and connect in on a
regular basis.


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Subject: <no subject>
Author: at ccmail_internet
Date: 4/9/95 9:41 AM

I'm running chameleon nfs and I am not able to get cuseeme to run. I have read
al l
the docs & faqs .I receive the error:"gethost by name0failed (11004).
I have named my machine to my ip address plus my name, placed netmanag in my
path before windows,did a search for "hosts " and removed all,
There must be someone out there in a similar situation. Any help would be

Dennis Miniero
Date: 03/30/95
Time: 09:13:43

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