950411 Internet Video book proposed Table of Contents

Michael Sattler (msattler@jungle.com)
Wed, 12 Apr 1995 01:54:20 -0700

Hello all. I'm still working with a "acquisitions and development editor"
on the proposed contents for the Internet Videoconferencing book that
they've asked me for. Recovering from my stupid mail-deletion error, I've
reconstructed as many messages as I could and I've incorporated all your

Following is the current proposed TOC. Please look it over, and let me
know if there's *anything* that you'd like to be added, moved around, etc.
If you know of related information (including people who are using Internet
video for any interesting things) please let me know.

Also of interest are connections with hardware companies. I'd like to set
up an ISDN feed to my house for testing and I lack only an ISDN box on my
end. I have a provider, computing hardware, cameras, etc. already in
place. Advances on royalties pretty much cover rent and espressos. :-)



1. Introduction to Internet Videoconferencing
1.1 The Internet
1.2 Hardware
1.2.1 Connectivity modems ISDN Ethernets, T-1, T-3
1.2.2 Video Dedicated Digital Video Cameras Using Regular Video Cameras The Need for Digital-to-Analog Boards NTSC versus PAL
1.2.3 Audio PlainTalk microphones
1.3 Software
1.3.1 Networking Standards TCP/IP SLIP PPP TIA
1.3.2 Videoconferencing Standards (Some of the following: H.320, T.120, Ideo, MPEG,
compression, Video for Windows,
Quicktime Videoconferencing,, IP-Multicast,
1.4 Videoconferencing Abstractions
1.4.1 Concepts Point-to-point Reflector Usage versus MBONE
1.4.2 Netiquette
2. Videoconferencing Technologies
2.1 Software
2.1.1 CU-SeeMe History Setting Up CU-SeeMe
(Setting Up and Operating will get the FAQs
distributed between them. Include the
Windows CONFIG.FOO file.) Troubleshooting Q&A Operating CU-SeeMe
(Include the Visual Guide created for my web pages.) Catalog of CU-SeeMe Reflectors World-Wide Listing of Events Other CU-SeeMe Resources on the Internet Web Pages Mailing Lists Searchable Archive of Mailing List
2.1.2 QuickTime Conferencing
2.1.3 IPhone
2.1.4 NetPhone
2.1.5 NV
2.1.6 MBONE
2.1.7 Maven
2.1.8 VAT
2.1.8 Whiteboard workgroup collaboration software
2.2 Hardware
2.2.1 Connectix QuickCam
2.2.2 Using a Video Camera with a Frame-Grabber
2.2.3 Macintosh Plug-In Boards VideoSpigot
2.2.4 Windows Plug-In Boards
2.2.5 X Window System Plug-In Boards Vigra
3. Culture & Society
3.1 Reaching Out - The Pioneers of Internet Videoconferencing
3.1.1 CU-SeeMe Rogues Gallery
3.2 K-12 Educational Uses
3.3 Artistic Uses of the Medium
3.3.1 Eduardo Kac Solo exhibition Dialogues Ornitorrinco in Eden, realized on the Internet Storms - Hypertext based on the sefirotic tree
of the Kabbalah. Accident - Language is born and dies in this looped video Insect.Desperto - Verbal fireflies vanish
between Portuguese and English. Aspects of the Aesthetics of Telecommunications Chronology and bibliography on Brazilian technological art
3.3.2 Machine Screw
3.3.3 The Nowhere Band
3.3.4 Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

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