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markh at analogy_beaverton (
Wed, 12 Apr 1995 14:09:29 -0700

This usually means that the sight you are attempting to connect to
doesn't currently have anything going on at that time, or more likely
your firewall isn't allowing the return connection back through it. I
know that we had to open a pinhole in ours to allow the following port

udp 7648

You can see this with your stack (when it's working) by opening newt
and selecting tables/sockets. I am assuming that since you work for
Netmanage that you are running Chameleon.

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Subject: RE: CUseeme for Win
Author: at ccmail_internet
Date: 4/12/95 12:43 PM

Sorry for the double post. Actually, what it is saying now is "no response from
or whatever the address is that Im using...

To get to a site, all I need to do is type the numerical address, right?