frozen mac7100/av

Rene Leiva (
Fri, 14 Apr 1995 15:07:51 -0600

I am starting to play with cu-seeme. I installed it in a Mac 7100/AV and
worked like a charm. I am using the Horward camera.

Then, I went to a second Mac 7100/AV, installed it, tried a few times,
but then the system started to crash every time I ran cu-seeme: system
error 11. This Mac was running sys7.1. I upgraded it to 7.5, and now it
gives me just one frame before the machine hangs. I have played with
different monitor settings, compared with the settings of the first Mac
(still working without a glitch), but to no avail. Any suggestions? Any
similar experiences?, Any fix?



Rene Leiva
University of Alberta
Computing Science Dept.