PC Hardware question

Rogene Talento (labrat@teleport.com)
Fri, 14 Apr 1995 23:26:31 -0700

I'm still shopping for a video capture board in order to get CU-Seeme
transmitting, and now it seems I have another consideration.

I'm told that boards that utilize the feature connector on video cards will
end up limiting the resolutions, colors, and refresh rates of your video
card, as well as create all sorts of problems.

I'm currently using an ATI Graphics Xpression with 2MB DRAM, and I LIKE
using Windows at 1024x765x65K @ >70Hz. Which video capture board will allow
me to continue using my favorite graphics mode? My source told me that
currently there is only ONE board that will do this (by Digital Vision)
because it is the only board that does NOT use the feature connector.

Any comments?
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