Re: shouldn't it go at around 57.6 kbps?

Michael Sattler (
Sun, 16 Apr 1995 14:07:24 -0700

At 16:55 4/16/91, Lon Meltzer wrote:

>Hi! I use a PPP dialup connection to the internet. I'd like to
>know why CU-SeeMe usually reports a transfer rate much slower
>than my actual connection speed, and far, far less than with
>data compression. With data compression, shouldn't it go at
>around 57.6 kbps?

Not a chance in hell, for a 14.4 kbps modem. 57.6 is a theoretical
maximum, given the best of all connection and compression worlds. A
reasonable thruput is closer to 20 kbps, sustained, with perhaps 28+ kbps

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