Re: WinNT 3.5

Alain Caillet (acaillet@dow.on.doe.CA)
Sun, 16 Apr 95 18:51:04 EDT

>This is regarding Cuseeme on a WinNT 3.5 machine:
>I haven't been successful in getting Cuseeme to work yet.
>I'm using a dynamic IP assignment and edit the 'hosts' file
>to the correct address before starting Cuseeme. I'm just
>trying to view (not xmit).
I get CU to work with NT. If your RAS works with
Eudora or Ws_FTP etc it should work with no problem.

I don't have a "hosts" file in my setup. May be you installed
a network card ??
I f you install only RAS with support for TCP/IP only, I don't
see where you would have a host file. Not in the RAS directory.

Do you use NT DHCP ? My provider does not support this
prorocol with PPP. I use dynamic IP configuration with Trumpet
winsock from NT or WFW but the NT DHCP does not talk
this language so, with NT RAS I have to use SLIP and enter
the IP address in the bottom box in the second communication
Since I get the same IP time after time, I only had to do that
once and now I just have to close these communication
windows and the IP is passed to the NT winsock (NO HOST
FILE) and it works.


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