Re: EarthWatch '95

David Condie (
Mon, 17 Apr 1995 09:42:32 -0700

Does anyone know IP addresses for this event? Would you please send to me?
Thank you,


>The EarthWatch '95 event from Cornell is nearly set up and ready to go. If
>anyone would like to be a reflector for this event please send your ip
>address to Tim Dorcey at For those who aren't familiar
>with this event, the Cornell reflector will be showing video from each of
>the seven continents for Earth Day on April 22. You will only be able to
>receive from the Cornell reflector from 8am on Friday, April 21 to about
>noon on Sunday, April 23 so we can cover the 24hrs of Earth Day around the
>globe. There'll be live shots from Antartica, Rio, Australia, Tokyo,
>Salzburg, NYC, and hopefully Cape Town.
>As of yet, we only have a lead on a camera in Africa. If anyone has or
>knows of an African CUSeeMe site please let me know, Chris Stuart at
>, so we can contact you or them. Thanks very much.
>We're starting to get a lot of press coverage of this event, so it should
>publicize CUSeeMe as well as Earth Day quite widely. Thanks very much.
>Chris Stuart, Information Systems Manager
>Center for the Environment, 200 Rice Hall (607) 255-3972
>Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853