WinNT 3.5 and CuSeeMe

John D. Lauer (
Mon, 17 Apr 1995 13:14:53 -0400

I have had absolutely no problem using Cu-SeeMe on Windows NT 3.5. I am
using a dynamic IP assignment because I dial up a PPP account. I don't need
to edit hosts files or anything. It just works. I can transmit and
receive. Windows NT has a very nice winsock.dll built in. I got no
response sometimes, but that's because I had the old IP address. For
instance the default installation has an incorrect address for the Cornell

>This is regarding Cuseeme on a WinNT 3.5 machine:
>I haven't been successful in getting Cuseeme to work yet.
>I'm using a dynamic IP assignment and edit the 'hosts' file
>to the correct address before starting Cuseeme. I'm just
>trying to view (not xmit).
>So far I continously get "No responce..." when trying to
>connect. I have done this at the same time a friend
>was connecting successfully at his home (Win 3.1).
>There must be something easy that I'm missing.
>Any ideas? Help would be *greatly* appreciated!!
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