17 Apr 95 15:14:00 -5004

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I am trying to run CuSeeMe on an IBM 486 PC clone with Windows 3.1 and a direct
Ethernet connection. The software appears to start but exits with an error
message of "PCTCPAPI.DLL missing". What is the DLL that is missing? Is
PCTCPAPI.DLL a specific name of some file of something to indicate that some
TCP/application dll is missing? Where can I get a copy? - preferably via ftp.

What do I have to do with the hosts file? My guess is set up an IP address of
something like with a "name" of some kind. Do I just intermingle
it with the other hosts in the file? Is there any special format?

I would like to get this software running in at least the receive mode and then
explore the possibility of transmit.

Any help would be deeply appreciated. Please email responses.